Offshore & Onshore EPCI Contractor
Corporation Social Responsibility (CSR)

Naft Sazeh Qeshm focuses on corporate social responsibility to manage the business processes and produce an overall positive impact and has a special respect to the environment. NSQ believes that CSR is a key factor of its success in the business market and makes companies more innovative, productive, and competitive.

We know that quality of life for all people in the world are affected by our activities. Hence, our management team conducts their tasks ethically to gain and maintain the confidence of the team members, colleagues, clients, and the public. Therefore, we are committed to and support principles below and encourage our dear personnel  to act in accordance with them:

Accept responsibility for assigned tasks.

Obey the target country's laws and satisfy other relevant requirements

Fairly treat all project team members,colleagues, and co-workers, regardless of race, religion, gender, age or nationality

Act as faithful companion to the employers and clients in professional and business matters

Remain honest and realistic in reporting project quality, cost, and time

Maintain safety, health and welfare of the public

Apply state-of-the-art project management tools and techniques to ensure quality, cost and time objectives as set forth in the project plan