Offshore & Onshore EPCI Contractor

Location: 100 km from southwest of Assaluyah, South Pars gas field, the Persian Gulf

Main client: Petropars Ltd. (PPL)

Client: Rosemond Group

Contract Type: Construction

Brief Summary: NSQ has been awarded two contracts for construction of SPD12E and SPD12D jackets and all their accessories for development of phase12, Shout Pars gas field.

The Development Project for Phase12 (SPD12E and SPD12D) of South Pars Gas Field (Current )

Jacket SPD12E:

Water depth: 71.5 m

Jacket height: 77.1 m

No. of legs: 4

Approximate weight: 3,280 tonnes

Installation method: launch


Jacket SPD12D:

Water depth: 69 m

Jacket height: 52 m

No. of legs: 4

Approximate weight: 3,210 tonnes

Installation method: launch